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Summer Camp

A summer of possibilities

Agora Madrid International School offers pupils and students from other schools a wide range of summer camps and services during the summer months.If your children are part of the Infant, Multisports or MBA Explorer Summer Camp, they will be able to enjoy different pool games to cool off! Fill in the form and get details of activities, timetables and ages to choose a camp that suits you!

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Infant Summer Camp

A camp full of excitement and fun. Children aged between 1 and 6 will have the chance to enjoy themed weeks throughout the summer. From the We're pirates! week, or Agora Chef, to the Circus week.

And that's not all... every day they will enjoy games in the pool to cool off!

Multisports Summer Camp

Is it possible to choose from more than 15 sports? With the Multisports Summer Camp, children will have the possibility to choose different combinations of sports throughout the week. From more common sports like football and basketball, to sports like Ultimate Frisbee, Unihockey and... many more!

And that's not all... every day they will enjoy games in the pool to cool off!

Partners Summer Camps

  • DUX SUMMER CAMP: A camp in collaboration with DUX Academy. Everything you need if you want to learn and improve the basic fundamentals of football. For both players and goalkeepers and with specialised sports coaches!
  • MBA SUMMER CAMP: Immerse yourself in the world of entrepreneurship with the MBA Explorer Summer Camp: the Entrepreneur's Way! A camp in collaboration with MBA Kids that offers an innovative experience, where children will explore entrepreneurship, finance and marketing in a practical and fun way. And that's not all... every day they will enjoy pool games to cool off!
  • PERFORMING ARTS  SUMMER CAMP: Together with Sing & Dance Project, don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Performing Arts. Find out all about the courses:
    • Kids AAEE and Film
    • Musical Theatre Intensive
    • Ballet Course. With Carmen Roche and Víctor Ullate Roche
    • Film Course
  • FABORDÓN SUMMER CAMP: In collaboration with the school's Music Conservatory, Fabordón, students can immerse themselves in a summer full of music. Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Bass and Voice options will be the ones to mark your summer.
  • REINFORCEMENT SUMMER CAMP: If you need extra attention in any subject... Don't worry! Our online Summer Camp will allow you to start the new school year with confidence and skill.

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