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While you are working…

While you are working…

At Agora International School Madrid, school and families go hand in hand. We know that you trust us with your most precious treasure, and with the most certain aim of forming a good person, with solid knowledge and providing them with the skills which will make them competent and autonomous. That is why while they are at work we strive to educate your child as personally as possible, celebrating the children’s work, making the school their space.

In the words of one of our teachers in primary school, where your child begins to develop as a unique person, with his or her own thoughts, she tells us that in the classrooms and corridors there is “a cordial atmosphere, when we pass each other in the corridors we greet each other and smile (although with the mask you can’t see it)”. In the dining room, the cloisters or the classrooms we live together in harmony, “new pupils with old ones, infant school teachers with their pupils who are now in primary school, classmates from different classes, teenagers greeting the teachers who once tied their shoes…”, adds the teacher. “The corridors show the small works of art that the pupils have created with such enthusiasm in their classes: from a digestive system in plasticine, to a mural with the books they have read. All work has its deserved exhibition”. Because while you work we pamper their self-esteem, their security and self-confidence. The students we have in our classrooms are from a different generation and we have to adapt to them and not them to us.

Helping each child reach his or her full potential

School is one of the most important social institutions. Like the family and the environment, which are the first contexts where the human being is born and develops, the school is normally the next fundamental pillar that will take place in life. This institution is necessary to favour the complete development of the pupils or learners for society. Among the functions of the school is to help develop adults capable of facing life’s problems on their own.

The school is the place where theories are materialised and where people can learn different areas of knowledge and learning. It is important to ask ourselves about scientific questions, social questions and practical questions, among others, in order to get to know them and learn from them.

Open for learning

That’s why at Agora International School Madrid we take care of every detail so that your child feels comfortable, in a context of learning, of improving every day, open to learning. For example, for the first years at the school, “the decoration of the corridors depends on the projects we are working on. With Eco-Escuela we have developed several projects that are reflected in the respective corks,” says our teacher.

And as we go up through the grades, the atmosphere does not diminish. For example, in the first year of Primary School we work with paper, promoting the idea that all waste can be reused. Educating in values while practising and learning subjects or concepts is the basis for the success of our education.

School helps to teach sharing and helps people to discover the world around them. Children learn to build their identity; to be responsible; to fulfil certain obligations; to be subject to rules; they learn to know their history; the history of the world; to know their role in society; to determine their existence; they learn about the development of science and possibly their vocation.

This is what it’s like in the halls and classrooms at Agora International School Madrid

For learning to take place, the entire learning environment – classroom, materials and social environment – must be supportive of the child. Teachers provide the necessary resources, including opportunities for children to function in a safe and positive environment. Together, teacher and child form a relationship based on trust and respect that fosters self-confidence and a willingness to try new things. It is about taking the essence of any play and using it for the benefit of children’s education.

For this reason, we strive to promote actions that will leave them a better world. In the second year of primary school, we take care of environmental protection by organising activities such as litter picking or planting seeds. In third grade, we work on possible solutions to the problem of plastics; in fourth grade, we teach them the Three R’s Rule, and “without a doubt, they have become expert recyclers”. As they progress, we work on and add new knowledge that they will gradually acquire and share with you.

We encourage a parenting style based on closeness and continuous attention, aware that a solid emotional bond with parents during childhood is the best way for their well-being and happiness.

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