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Theatre and dance school

Theatre and dance school

Just like other schools in the NACE Schools group, Agora International School Madrid offers its pupils an education which goes beyond traditional teaching, with innovative activities and experiences which help them to achieve their dreams. One great example of this is the Agora International Víctor Ullate Roche Villaviciosa de Odón Performing Arts School, a theatre and dance school in Madrid which promotes teaching of the arts, combining this with the pupils’ usual school day. In this way, the students improve and enjoy all the long-term benefits of activities related to art.

The Madrid School enjoys an exclusive link with the Víctor Ullate Roche dance school. The artist Víctor Ullate Roche, headmaster of the only professional, private Conservatoire of Dance and Advanced School of Dramatic Arts, stands out for his broad academic background which includes dance, acting and singing. Ullate Roche trained at great international schools and with great professionals in the world of performing arts. He also plays a leading role in Autour de Faust and Concerto en Re, by Béjart; performed in the Lindsay Kemp Company production of Cinderella and in other musicals such as West Side Story, Grease, Singing in the Rain, Cats and Beauty and the Beast; and took part in the successful programme: Fama ¡A bailar!, among many other high calibre projects.

At the Agora International Víctor Ullate Roche Villaviciosa de Odón Performing Arts School, we ensure that pupils learn while they have fun and develop through activities which are useful in their daily life and which will provide them with many long-term benefits.

At our dance and theatre school, we encourage participation in both theatre groups and in dance, with lessons in Funky, Hip Hop and Ballet as well as acting and singing. These activities have an influence on pupils’ learning in the rest of their subjects and contribute favourably to many personal skills, by, for example:

  • Increasing sensitivity.
  • Improving teamwork skills through performances with classmates.
  • Increasing concentration, which is beneficial for individual study and for improving attention in the classroom.
  • Transmitting and instilling values which make pupils into citizens of the world.
  • Increasing pupils’ self-confidence.
  • Developing and stimulating creativity.
  • Promoting an open mentality.
  • Supporting reading and literature tasks.
  • Keeping the pupils up to date in topics such as art, language and history.

Therefore, the Agora International Victor Ullate Roche Performing Arts School is a model dance and theatre school in Madrid, where pupils develop their oral and physical expression while acquiring discipline and commitment.

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