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Architecture at the service of education

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Architecture at the service of education

Stimulating and safe spaces, scenarios and experimentation areas for creativity to flow, corners to encourage psychomotor skills, early stimulation areas, flexible and modular areas which adapt to the changing needs of school life, spaces for collaborative and creative work, as well as outdoor areas available for the best maths or literary lessons. These are the innovative facilities at Agora Madrid International School, turning the school into the school of the future.

Space and facilities are two basic pillars to offer an excellent education. The school is designed to achieve the global education of our students. Therefore, its bright and versatile facilities promote a positive environment and are adapted to the needs of our students, with different spaces in the centre dedicated to each of the activities of the academic programme.

With this leitmotiv in mind, this academic year we have carried out a complete architectural project capable of converting our facilities into a pioneering centre that promotes education, provides peace of mind, encourages curiosity and brings out the best in our students, because the atmosphere, inside and outside the classroom, where they study is a high percentage of academic success.

Teachers and architects, working hand in hand

That's why at Agora Madrid International School, in collaboration with Rosan Bosch Studio Madrid, we have created a new holistic environment which encourages active learning, collaboration and autonomy. The architectural studio has been imbued with our five distinctive elements which make us a unique educational centre. These strengths are the care for wellbeing through both health and movement, the relevance of the performing arts, the promotion of social responsibility, as well as the encouragement of STEAM. These keys were to be breathed in the classrooms and common areas of the school. In the words of the designer herself, Rosan Bosch, founder and creative director of Rosan Bosch Studio: "Agora's design breaks with tradition and supports the school's unique educational excellence. The holistic, arts-based pedagogy encourages students to express themselves creatively and realise their individual potential. The design is carefully considered to stimulate the students' innate curiosity and provide confidence and differentiation''.

Benefits of environment and architecture for education

The environment must be sufficiently stimulating for children to be able to explore and give free rein to their interests and curiosity without the need for an adult to intervene, coming to understand that the environment is a generator of possibilities where they can develop freely. "Agora Madrid International School will be an educational benchmark, where the design of its architecture will be fully aligned with an innovative and disruptive education which allows teachers and pupils a wide range of teaching and learning situations, in line with a changing world of constant challenges, to which education must respond with adaptability and creativity, not only in its methodology, but also in its infrastructure", in the words of Luis Madrid, Executive Director of Agora Madrid.

The space-environment is conceived as a fundamental element, always seeking the connection between the architecture and the pedagogical project. The aim of a school is to be designed to be experienced. A good school that, through its architectural design, its equipment and atmosphere, is attractive and innovative, will provide children with a dynamic and functional environment. Our innovative facilities are made to measure, they are spaces designed and distributed according to their size and needs, they allow interaction to be at the service of methodology, didactics, collaboration, teamwork, family integration, and above all, confidence in the unlimited capacity of children.

It was already said in the last century when Reggio Emilia considered the environment as nothing more and nothing less than "the third teacher". This expression used by the teachers in the Reggio schools, the environment or atmosphere, supports the work and the interests of the children. The environment is provided with enough provocations to fill the world and the minds of the children.


More information about the new school architecture (in Spanish)

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