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Agora Madrid is the delivery venue for the Globeducate schools in Spain and Andorra accredited by Eco schools with the Green Flag

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Agora Madrid is the delivery venue for the Globeducate schools in Spain and Andorra accredited by Eco schools with the Green Flag

After 3 years in the Eco Schools programme, the ADEAC evaluation committee has recognized Agora Madrid International School with the green flag, in recognition of all the environmental awareness work carried out both inside and outside the classroom by the educational community of the international school located in Villaviciosa de Odón, but which also serves as an incentive to continue working for the care of the environment and the sustainability of our environment.

The action plan developed by the Eco School´s Committee, which has given Agora Madrid International School its first green flag focused on three main aspects:

  • INFORM AND RAISE AWARENESS, seeking ways to better educate and motivate the school community to personally engage in sustainable activities. We have created an Eco-Group with student volunteers, who have been trained to lead talks, debates and exhibitions on different topics of interest. Through these actions, the rest of the students have been developing the knowledge, values and vision of the world necessary to acquire more sustainable lifestyles.
  • ADDRESS CONSUMERISM AND REDUCE WASTE, in order to do more and better with less. We have involved students from all grades, who have developed projects to recycle clothes, school supplies, plastics and other waste, improving the efficiency of resources and promoting sustainable lifestyles.
  • MAKE THE SCHOOL NATURE-FRIENDLY, promoting a sense of environmental responsibility in students by incorporating activities into the acedmic curriculum, such as, reducing water consumption or collecting and reusing excess water, building bird feeders and insect hotels, and even renovating the school garden.

A very positive experience for the environment, but also for our students: “We are delighted to participate in such a special project and to be part of the Eco-Group. We feel very proud to be able to contribute to improving the sustainability of the Centre and collaborate with the care of the environment. We consider these actions of vital importance and we believe that we should all get involved, so we continue to make efforts to make this group grow, to make these aspects visible and improve day by day” (Alba Matas and Alejandra Carrión, 4th ESO).

What is Eco-Schools?

Ecoescuelas is the ADEAC program that promotes respect for the environment and sustainability in schools with the greatest global reach. It is born in the classroom and extends to the community, through the involvement of the next generations in action-based learning. With an international network that brings together 59,000 schools from 68 countries around the world, Agora Madrid International joined this programme 3 years ago, within the Globeducate Agenda, an international group of schools of which we have been a part of since 2007, and which it also includes other events with global projection that inspire students to transform the world, such as the Student Leadership Conference, the WWF Contest, or the Ecological Week or the WWF Wear it Wild.

The greatest achievement of the program is possibly that it produces, over time, generations of people aware of caring for the environment and sustainability. The achievement of the first green flag for Agora Madrid International is just one more step on the road that lies ahead, since each school must follow a process of change in seven steps, which empowers its young people to lead processes and actions wherever they are possible. This year we started a great project dedicated to WATER, in which all the courses of the school will be involved. Each level will contribute its grain of sand: the youngest students, in Infants and Primary, will learn important aspects about the proper use of water and its benefits for the planet and the organisms that live on it; Secondary students will participate, within their educational programs, in activities related to sustainable habits and green energy derived from this important molecule; and the older students will be involved and actively participate in the renovation projects that the school develops to improve its sustainability, including the audits and studies that we will carry out on the use of water and the possible reforms that arise from these.

“This type of initiative is of great importance for the comprehensive education of our students. Environmental awareness work carried out both inside and outside the classroom by the school’s educational community working together to care for the environment and the sustainability of our environment. As an international school we are committed to training young people who are committed to a better world, and, without a doubt, a more sustainable one.” Luis Madrid – executive director of Agora Madrid International School.

About Globeducate

Globeducate is one of the 5 most important school groups in the world, with more than 55 schools in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Andorra, India, Portugal, Canada and Malaysia, more than 40 years of experience and a community of more than of 2,500 teachers and 28,000 students. In Spain, the group has more than 10 private schools in Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca, Castellón, Valencia, Bilbao, La Coruña, Vigo and Granada.

Our mission is to prepare each of our students to become a global citizen who can change the world.




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