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STEAM: Science and Arts

Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics play a crucial part in every student's learning journey. At Agora Madrid International School, we embed creativity in all activities related to these subjects, helping students learn how to make connections, how to organise their ideas, how to be creative, how to make decisions and how to work together across different disciplines.

Pedagogical approach

Artists and scientists share the same skills, which is why at Agora Madrid International School we give a leading role to all the disciplines involved. This is why we work with LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime to provide our pupils with the best training in programming and robotics. Thanks to the software and activities adapted to the needs of each of them, as well as the specific training of the teachers, they can learn the tools with which they will gradually advance in the exciting and intuitive world of the different programming languages.

Music and the expressive arts are key to children’s all-round development: they bring enormous cognitive and personal benefits, as well as enhancing their communication skills. Music education favours the development and improvement of special talents, together with values such as effort and self-improvement, sensitivity, organisation and teamwork. At Agora Madrid International School we give it a leading role through our integrated music centre and complete arts, dance and public speaking programmes.

Our music curriculum is designed to offer our students an active and engaging musical experience from day one, and pupils learn the violin as part of their day to day studies. The school has its own Music Academy, the Conservatorio Fabordón, which enables our students to work towards the Elementary Music Certificate, and, should they choose to further their musical studies, pupils can go on to complete their Professional Music qualifications.

The Conservatorio Fabordón is also an official examinations centre for the Trinity College London Rock & Pop certifications, including examinations for Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards and Voice. This enables our talented rock and pop musicians to obtain the Trinity College London qualifications and official recognition of their skills in the rock and pop genre.

The School has two excellent Art studios, which are used by all our students, and where we prepare artwork that is displayed around the school, video and art installations, and both school-based and external exhibitions. We offer extracurricular Painting and Drawing classes to children aged 8 and upwards and we explore various techniques including charcoal, pastel, tempera, acrylic, watercolour and oil, among others.

We work closely with the Víctor Ullate Roche School of Performing Arts, in particular as part of the “Sing & Dance Project”. We offer students a quality artistic education that is stimulating and entertaining whilst encouraging them to develop sensitivity, concentration, team work and self-expression through extracurricular activities such as Musical Theatre, Funk, Hip Hop, Ballet, Singing and Acting.

Finally, we offer Public Speaking classes, where students can practise their communication skills and build their confidence in public speaking and debating in Spanish and English; we help our students learn how to debate and express themselves in an intelligent, calm, clear and respectful way.

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